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Mar 18, 2013

Beautiful Bathrooms

It's Monday morning and I'm thinking about the many changes I need to make to my home. 
The list is long...but I have to start somewhere. 
Definitely, the main floor bathroom needs a coat of paint. 

I love the white walls and white decor I see in images from Nordic blogs.
However, I don't think I can pull that off.
It doesn't fit my lifestyle. I need color.

If I could have the bathroom of my dreams, it would look like one of these... 

 (all photos from Pinterest)
At times I get overwhelmed with all the things circling around in my head. 

I have so many ideas...I would need to dedicate my entire life to accomplish them.
I think I just have to be smart and choose a few to do this year.
A girl needs to have fun too...

Definitely, painting the bathroom walls is one of those I've got to do this summer.
At least, the paint color has been chosen.
It's a matter now of prepping and start painting.

Contrary to most people, I love Mondays.
A new week, new plans, a new beginning.

To a happy Monday.
Enjoy life.


  1. happy monday - and happy painting!

  2. oooh, those tubs look so comfy!!

  3. I see you wish to have a bright and pristine looking bathroom. That's nice! So are your creative ideas already in motion on what you want to do with it? Choosing the paint you want to use is one step closer to it, but I would like to advise you to consider the color of your bathroom floor. Try to think if the color you choose will complement the floor. Since you wish to renovate your bathroom, the outcome has to turn out great, right? Good luck!

    Mathew Bergeron