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Mar 24, 2013

Happy Weekend...

I would love to be doing this today...

...but I'll happily settle for a relaxing Sunday in my beloved home with my hubs...
That's just as good as being in Paris.

Sometimes we spend our lives dreaming of a different life instead of 
being thankful for what we have. 
Enjoy what you have...
and if you don't like your situation today, 
then take the first step to change it. 

Enjoy your Sunday..enjoy your life.

Live happily, darlings.

All images from my Pinterest boards.


  1. Paris siempre es una buena idea!

  2. Love Paris
    and would love to be the one in that pic...
    But home is where my heart is to,
    I don't think I'd enjoy Paris without my hubby and son with me.

  3. There is no other city like Paris - and to be there in spring would be amazing. But home with your hubby on a nice Sunday is almost as good.

  4. I'm with would be a great place to be..but home is just fine too!

  5. It would be lovely to do that but there are many other things just as good!

  6. Life is good. Every moment should be enjoyed.


  7. It is so true! We live to enjoy life and that should be the right of every human being on this world! Christa