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Mar 23, 2011

Living Happily

It's true.

I've been MIA from the blog world for the last three weeks.

 I left the snowy Rocky Mountain area to spend a week in Maui.

A good remedy for someone who's at the brink of a nervous breakdown.

 I then made a difficult decision:
I quit what others would consider a wonderful corporate job. 
You know, one of those that actually pays a good salary 
and offers great benefits.

No, I haven't gone mad. least I don't think so.

I just couldn't stand not being able 
to express my creative side any longer.

I was part of an industry where creativity tends to be a distraction
and pure analytical thinking is tremendously valued.

So here I am, my first week at home without a set schedule.

Now I can be creative. 
Now I can work on my Casa Bella shop. 


I'm beginning to feel like myself.

I am sooooooo happy to be back!
Oh, how I missed my contact with all of you!

I can't wait to read your comments and see your new posts.

 What a feeling it is to have the freedom to explore one's true passion.

How great it is to realize all the wonderful little 
things in one's world that bring so much happiness.

May you allow yourself to explore what you love.

Live passionately. 
Be yourself. 
Create the life you want live.
If you don't do it, who will?

Cheers, my loves.

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  1. WOW!!! Good for you!!! I have been struggling lately in my own life with all the obligations I have...I say BRAVO! Life is too short to be so unhappy. You have lots of great things ahead of you. So glad to see you back! XO

  2. Claro que has hecho lo correcto!
    La mejor decisión es la que te hace feliz.
    Ahora te deseo mucha suerte, mucha fuerza y muchos buenos compañeros de viaje en este nuevo camino.
    Un abrazo y enhorabuena. Estamos contigo.

  3. Silvia mi enhorabuena para ti es gigante! has hecho lo correcto y hay que tener mucho coraje para ello! Animo en tu nueva etapa. Un beso y aqui estaremos esperando tus posts.

  4. MY SWEET SYLVIA! I HAVE MISSED YOU SOOOOOO MUCH! BRAVO FOR YOU that you have taken the time to think this through and make that is a freedom, isn't it, to let go of things you THINK YOU NEED, but you can really do without, REALLY! I have toyed with the idea of doing something else as well, but I am not in a position to do that YET.....I do have the luxury as a teacher to have the summer OFF and Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring breaks as well....but when I work, I WORK HARD so there is always a sacrifice..but I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU...creativity is NECESSARY and analytical thinking is also important, but NOT ALL DAY LONG! tttheeeeeheeeee! I have to use BOTH all day, but I bend towards creativity because that is the ONLY WAY TO SURVIVE MY TEACHING JOB! Well dear one, I must get ready to GO to that job, so cheers to your return and I am so glad you came by!!! BISOUS, Anita

  5. You just brought tears to my eyes.... good for you!!

    xoxo Laura

  6. The best of lucks!!!! Mucha suerte en tu nuevo emprendimiento. Si tan solo yo pudiera estar en Colorado también!.

  7. As I read your words I was smiling ear to ear .. for you are inspiring me to really dig deep down inside of myself and bring out what will make me whole again ... CREATIVITY.... I have been on a bit of a computer break myself and have missed putting words together and sharing my thoughts/experiences ... Welcome back!!! xo HHL

  8. Felicitaciones Silvia, toda la suerte del mundo!

  9. Just found you! Loved the post! Drop by to see our fabulous imported French Basketeer Giveaway. To quote Andrea plastic bags are “so passé!”


  10. Silvia my friend I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU! Let me tell you I also quit a job about a month ago, one of those good ones too - the kinda of job that everybody from outside didn't understand why I wasn't fulfilled. I was so unhappy that even my health was a mess, about to have a nervous breakdown like you said. Instead of go to Maui (what a great idea!) I went to my parent's house in Rio and couldn't be happier! I am everyday expressing my creativity and building a career path that fits my dream (not the other way around!) So my friend I hear you and I am here for you, and I am here to know every bit of your journey! Good luck my dear and congratulations for the courage!

  11. Congrats on Project You!! Now reinvent your life and make it exactly like you always dreamed it would be. Too many people are stuck in miserable situations feeling miserable about themselves. And not enough take this sort of opportunity.

  12. You're Awesome!!! Sometimes you just need to do what is best for yourself, and forget everything that has made you so unhappy for so long!I wish you so much luck and creativity on your next endevour!

  13. Love the quote! I agree that being yourself is the most important thing to live happily. Have a fabulous weekend, Kellie xx

  14. I echo the comments- Good For You! I finally had an ephipany moment myself a couple of years ago- I am going to pursue my artistic ability that I inherited from my daddy- all set to go to a workshop in Kentucky next week! Scarey, but fun too! My husband encouraged me to "go with it" and this has put us in a little financial strain, but, as one friend told me, "If it's God's will, it will work out!" So I'm excited about the future. I used to think this should be repressed as not being important, BUT NOT ANY MORE!

  15. Beautiful. I love the way you wrote that and the pictures you chose. I'm happy for you mom. You'll find the perfect thing for you I just know it.

  16. I can't wait to see all of the magic that you are going to unfold right before my very eyes.

    I am SO proud of you and for you - and this next chapter in your life book is going to be awesome!!!!

    ;-D xoxoxo
    (one of you're biggest cheerleaders...)