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Mar 25, 2011

Getting Ready for Spring

Not quite springtime yet on this side of the Rockies...
but I'm getting ready for it anyway.
Lots of b-days and other fun events to celebrate. Partay!

I found these at Cox and Cox.

I love these birds on the wire.
They would be great for my kitchen window as a reminder
that spring does eventually come again.
It's almost the end of March and it is snowing again today (BOOOO!!!!!!!)

Cute vases to help the lovely hyacinths grow and stand in place. 
Creative and pretty.

Hope you are having an inspiring day and that you
are getting ready to enjoy a fabulous weekend.



  1. I love that third photo. Can't wait for it to feel a bit more like spring.

  2. Oh I hope it will get warmer soon!

  3. The birds are too cute for words! Love that! Hope you have a great weekend! xo

  4. Those birds and vases got me thinking Spring big time...
    They are just so cute ♥

  5. BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL FRIEND, what a way to start the day...I have to get on the stick here and POST!!!! I have been so busy with school, but I am now on BREAK!!!!! ONE WHOLE WEEK TO MYSELF!

    Enjoy the love dearest one, Anita

  6. I am ready for Spring... unfortunately, Winter doesn't want to let go quite yet! Thanks for the pretty images. xo

  7. SILVIA!!!! Oh, I just ran into you literally, as I posted a message to my husband on my blog! THANK YOU FOR COMING OVER TODAY! Oh yeah, I was once nice looking, but now no matter what I do, I just don't have the hair and the skin that once was my trademark. BUT NOW, let us all make our trademarks legendary with acts of kindness! WHat other choices do we have??? BLESSINGS TO YOU and I will be here on Monday to see your great post! Isn't that dress just fab? Anita

  8. Those are such a stunning inspirations. I need to try that flower pot idea. It looks amazing! So lovely to see you again, darling. Missed reading your posts so much. Have a relaxing weekend
    Hugs and kisses

  9. Preciosas fotos.
    Feliz fin de semana para ti también.

    Un abrazo

  10. Such joy....I love these beautiful images...i am still waiting for Spring myself..but the last few days have been a great tease. Hugs. xoxoxo