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Apr 5, 2010

Inspiration from Garbo, Sweden

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and that Monday finds you ready for a week of work, adventures, fun, rest, and anything else that will add interest and happiness to your life.

When I have a busy week ahead, I browse through Garbo Interiors website from Sweden. It reminds me that simplicity tends to be (at least in my world) a synonym for comfort and personality. These spaces help me grasp the concept that less is definitely more. Each piece of furniture seems to say "the person who owns me has a beautiful, carefree style that just happens without even trying". What do they say to you?

My mom used to have a garden full of these. 
In Spanish they are called "Corona de Novia" which 
basically means "Bridal crown". 
Their fragrance? Amazing!

This built-in!....yes...I want it...

What a beautiful chair.
I tend to be quite contemporary in my style choices, 
but one unique piece like this one in
the midst of modern
would be the perfect addition to my bedroom:
I can't get over the tranquility I feel when I look at this photograph. 
Is it the flowers? The beautiful window? 
The serene shade of white paint? A combination of all these?
Very simple color palette: white and red with just a touch of green. 
Not my cup of tea, but so fresh, clean, organized, calm.
Of course, my home would not be as organized.
Let's face it. There would be shoes on the beautiful wood floor,
a few books here and there, and the blanket (certainly)
would be on the floor as well.
Life just happens in my home.
I wonder...does anyone really live in a home as organized 
as those shown in decor magazines?

I will look at this site over and over this week and dream that sometime during the weekend, I will add my own personality to my home: just what I like, my own color palette. My home won't ever be as organized, or as clean or perfect, and then again, I don't think I want it to be. I want my family to enjoy it, make it their own. Of course, I have certain rules to keep it as organized as possible. But all I really want is that my home becomes a reflection of who we are, what we like, and what are lives are all about.
Happy Monday, chicas!


  1. Hi silvia!! I proclamed my first giveaway!!! Don't miss it....

    Great hugs
    Zaira xx

  2. I like this post...beautiful images and it's true for some that simplicity is best. I can't function in a cluttered home. I like to have in a home what is needed and very little else. I don't over accessorize. I think day to day living adds to the feeling of creating a home.

  3. wonderful, simple and, yes, so calming...

  4. great shop
    How pretty are these red chairs? Gracias por tu dulce comentario :)
    have a great week darling xoxo

  5. Great images! Thanks for sharing! :) Erica

  6. Great inspiration photo's, love the pops of red! I like a simple, cozy and casual look in my home. And a happy Monday to you too!

  7. So inviting! Have a golden week. xo

  8. Yes, less is more! I've always believed that although I'm having a hard time following it. :) Great images!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am a follower now too.

  9. so much beauty in this post. those suitcases in the last photo. die.
    hope you had a great weekend doll. xo

  10. There's a lot to love about all of these beautiful pictures. The flowers are stunning and I love the touches of red.

  11. What gorgeous images, I must have a look at their site. These pictures say calm elegance to me..Rachaelxx

  12. Totalmente relajantes tus interiores!

    Aparecen en un par de fotos las sillas Tolix, que me encantan :)


  13. Ola Silvia, I do agree a house must be lived in to feel like a home. But looking at beautiful interiors like these never hurts!
    A girl can dream can't she??
    xo Flaviana

  14. Such beautiful photo's. I love that Swedish style! My neighbor from across the street is from Sweden and oh how we would love to tag along the next time he goes home for a visit. Thank you so much for visiting and joining my blog! I'm going to follow you too! Have a great day!

  15. Gorgeous built-ins with the bird prints framing around them!!

    xoxo Laura

  16. Love that cabinet in the top pic! Actually, love the whole post, so gorgeous!

  17. I want that built in too! And, all the bird prints around it!

  18. Preciosas imágenes!
    Acabo de descubrir tu blog a través de Elisa de Decora tu alma.
    Me ha encantado!desde hoy te sigo!

  19. Silvia,

    Such lovely serene pieces! Thank you so much for your lovely words and support. I still feel very much like the new kid on the block so every encouraging word helps. I'm excited to start following your lovely blog too. xo

  20. great images...esp the last one!

    LOVE your blog! it is so gorgeous and dreamy!


  21. Hi Silvia, thanks for introducing me to a new site. Also, to answer your question.... yes and no. I used to be a neat freak and everything had its place. After my son came along... some rooms are kept neatly for company... in others, everything goes. I feel I have become a better person by letting go of some of my control issues when it came to organization.

  22. Wow, looks like I'm going to have to spend some time there. Thanks for sharing!

  23. ADORE the tranquility of this site! And the detail on that chair is terrific! Thanks for the introduction! Marija

  24. A very beautiful and relaxing images. I also love the fragrance of "Bridal Crown" called Jeringuera in Extremadura, where I live in Spain.
    Un abrazo!!

  25. Love the red chairs! Love your blog!

  26. Thanks for the comment and for following! I love Swedish design too.

  27. Hi Silvia!! I will be present for your first giveaway!!

    Hugs, Zaira

  28. Gracias por tu comentario en mi blog, a mi me encanta el tuyo, ¡¡será por nuestros mismos gustos!! jejeje
    Un besito
    Bea...con mucho amor

  29. Lovely, lovely, lovely!!!

  30. Beautiful! Love the red chairs!

  31. Silvia darling your blog looks amazing, very clean, soft and full of lovely photos. This post is so inspiring, I took away several excellent ideas from it, thanks for sharing. The Corona de Novia that your mum grew, are they small hydrangeas? whatever they are they are lovely.

    Love & Hugs

  32. Una maravilla, Silvia. Me presento. Soy Bego. Tengo un blog donde voy compartiendo mis restauraciones y transformaciones de muebles y de casualidad he llegado hasta aquí. Te pongo el comentario en español porque he leido un comentario tuyo en este idioma. En inglés me expreso mucho peor. Te sigo desde hoy. Un beso.

  33. Hola Silvia, es una alegría dar con tu blog, estuvimos en Garbo la semana pasada, y te puedo afirmar que las cosas que tiene son INCREIBLES con mayúsculas. Lamentablemente es la casa de decoración más cara de todo Suecia. Está en el exclusivo barrio céntrico de Ostermalm.
    Sólo un lugar para inspirarse.