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Dec 16, 2010

Fabulous scarfs make good gifts

If you still need to buy a present for one of 
your girlfriends or female family members...
 Si todavía tienes que comprar regalos 
para tus amigas o mujeres en tu familia...

check out the fabulous creations from
Gsakowski Designs 
on Etsy:
Mira las fabulosas creaciones de  
Gsakowski Designs 
en Etsy:

Pretty, yes?
Bonitas, no?


  1. Wow..those pieces are so stunning:) Im in love with the last one:) Btw: thank you so much for putting my giveaway info on your sidebar:) You are so very sweet
    Kisses my dear

  2. Much I admire her work I prefer the simpler knitted scarfs

  3. DEAREST ONE! WOW, this post is delicious! Those scarves are perfect and unique on all levels! I actually collect scarves like this and I just found the most beautiful turquoise/sequined scarf the other evening while on a tea date with a blogger friend! Oh...such delight! AND IS SEE YOU HAVE MY GIVE AWAY ON YOUR SIDEBAR! What a sweet and wonderful thing to do my dear! MERCI BIEN!!! Oh Silvia, you are working many hours....I know the scenario! I have been home sick however for the last two days and wow, did I need the rest! Take care of yourself within all the craziness and busyness of work and the holiday season. I thank you again and it is such a great pleasure ALWAYS to see a new post from you; your place is a peaceful and stylish getaway!!


  4. Hay algunas realmente bonitas.
    Muchas gracias por poner la teterita en tu blog.

    Un abrazo

  5. Muy bonitas! Love these, particularly the last one! I love a good, festive scarf in winter, as all of my winter clothes are black, lol! And yes, I would love to work with you on your blog, drop me a line anytime! XX!

  6. These are adorable! Love the yellow! xo

  7. Me han encantado estas bufandas, son monisimas.
    Felicidades por tu blog.


  8. What beautiful creations! They are absolutely gorgeous...

    Thank you for your very kinds words...they mean so much to me you have no idea! Of course I would be honored if you mentioned Firefly Hill on your beautiful blog!



  9. AH! If I give you my Mom's phone number will you call her and tell her that I must OWN AND WEAR the blue one? They are all gorgeous!!!

    ;-D xoxo

  10. I so agree and the first scarf is perfection!!

  11. Wow those are so cute!!! So so cute.

  12. Muy bonita ! I ALMOST DIED !
    Need to see the store ! Must be expensive !
    You have such great taste !

  13. Oh Silvia, I'm definitely a scarf and flower pin girl and these are absolutely beautiful. If I had to choose some to buy... my first picking would be the soft blue one, and photos 8, 9, and ten, but the tenth photo I would want that one color in cream.... So where do I place my order? haha

    After I just wrote the ones I wanted, I went back thinking this is hard to pick.... everyone is so unique.... I would want them all, except have some color changes on some.

    Warm Hugs*