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Apr 14, 2014

It's a beautiful world to blog about

I've been out of the blog world for a long time.
I thought I had nothing to offer.

For a couple of years when blogging was new and exciting, I enjoyed sharing and communicating with so many wonderful new blog friends.
Then I saw other more creative and more beautiful blogs. I thought my blog wasn't as beautiful.

I saw many how-to blogs. Though I had many ideas, the time to put the instructions together wasn't something I was willing to do. It seemed to come so easy to others. Not me.

I saw amazing personal photographs, while my blog recaptured the work of others.

I saw incredible party ideas blogs. Famous wedding blogs. Everyday, funny characters that people admired and gladly followed. Blogs filled with flawless poetry that inspired the soul. Scrumptious and refined decor blogs. I felt I had nothing new or original to offer. Why would others read my blog?

Then Pinterest came about.
Oh boy.
So many ideas. It seemed as if everybody else in the world was doing something creative.

Holy information overload.
My brain got fried.

I got tired of seeing. I got tired of thinking. I felt hopelessly "un-creative". I felt drained out of energy.
I made the mistake of comparing myself to others and started to feel I had absolutely nothing creative, new, or original to offer. I kept on these people really live those lives? I guess so.

However, recently, I realized something: I do have something to offer to the blog world: Me.
Me and my love for beauty and happiness.

I choose to find beauty around me, as negative things seem to be what most of us tend to focus on, most of the time. Yet, I believe focusing on the good things brings about more good things.

If nothing at all, I hope my random posts without a purpose or no apparent reason or topic behind them bring a smile to your face, help you relax or see the beauty that maybe you missed while living your day.
This is sort of my journal, if not for anybody else, just to remind myself how lucky
I am to live this amazing life experience.
So lucky.

Thank you for reading.


  1. I missed your ideas. glad to see you back. jms

  2. AnonymousJune 03, 2014

    Bravo! I've blogged for over four years, and have experienced all that you have written here. Took me about four blogs which I deleted impulsively due to frustration in order to get to where I am now...JUST BEING ME. I blog for me. I no longer need to impress, I no longer look at numbers. I inspire myself to LIVE and to moment at a time.
    Glad I stopped by today.
    Much love!