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Dec 19, 2011

Christmas Countdown

Only 6 days to go.
I haven't bought any presents for Mr. A yet.
We've only bought gifts for the little ones.

This has been a different year.
It seems that all I do lately is work, work, work.
Projects and more projects seem to be coming my way.

I had to decide to get the Christmas tree out and decorate it or to keep my sanity.
I like my sanity. I respect it.
I am okay with only having some beautiful antique silver balls and snowflakes out,
and a couple of yellow and red poinsettias around the house.
I'm okay with recognizing that I am not superwoman
and that I can only do so much.
This year, Christmas will be simple,
spent with the people that mean everything in the world to me. decor is very different this year. 
For some reason I went for smaller decorations, 
like the ones below from Cox & Cox
and very few of them.
The Christmas in my heart.

May your week be as wonderful as you wish it to be.



  1. O Silvia,

    I agree with you that simplicity in BEAUTIFUL and vintage design is what I am doing this year. I have just enough to suggest Christmas, but not an overload. These ornaments are SO BEAUTIFUL, and I am sure your home is as well!!! GROSSES BISES MA BELLE and get some down time...we are all working like mad-women!!!! LOVE TO YOU! Anita

  2. Silvia! I think you have the perfect idea.. Christmas a la simplicity!!! May more us take your lead and enjoy the moments of this magical time... Merry Christmas xo HHL

  3. Este año estoy atrasadísima con mis compras de regalos navideños! ni siquiera para mi hijo! Y te digo que el tema del arbol lo hubiera obviado pero mi hijo insistió.
    Beso y buena semana!

  4. Simplicity always rings loudly in my home too. We do have a tree, but I keep it simple other than that. Funny you mention Superwoman. I have lots of leather band bracelets that I wear and someone asked about them...I said that they are my Superwoman bands! I feel like my plate is always full, yet I like it all so finding the balance is a daily task. Here's to a wonderful holiday season for you. I love your touches to your home. XOXO.

  5. Love all your decorations especially the green ornaments! I hope things slow down for you in the coming year. Here's wishing you and your loved ones a Merry X'mas. Happy holidays my sweet bloggy friend!


  6. Bonjour ma belle!!! Thank you for your visit and comment. I just love that you are back to blogging because this space gives me such peace and AQUA inspiration! MERRY CHRISTMAS MY SWEET! Anita

  7. preciosas bolas :)
    en especial las de la primera imagen.

  8. I wish you a merry Christmas and hope it is filled with many special moments!!!

    Christmas hug from Kristin♥♥♥