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Jul 21, 2011

Dream House File

My new additions to my dream house file...

A mixture of French and Belgium country side...

The funny thing is, the more pictures of my dream house
I collect and post on my inspiration board,
the more my home begins to resemble this style I'm dreaming about.
How does the house of your dream look like? 
Modern? Tuscany-style? Cottage? Urban loft?
Dream it, create it, live it.

Kiss, kiss, loves.
Never stop dreaming.


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  1. Love this house,
    elegant with a bit of rustic,
    comfy country ♥

    Oh my house style is changing every now and then... ♥

  2. ¡Que fotos más bonitas!
    Una casa realmente para soñar.

    Un abrazo

  3. Fabulous photos! I'm swooning over that staircase; doorway to the courtyard and that reading nook ... Our dream his is Tuscan/French. Inspiration boards have magic to them ... the more we visualize... the more things materialize. Perhaps not exactly how we thought- so happy that your home is coming to life from your dreams. xo HHL

    P.S. did you try the drunken spaghetti pasta recipe? xo

  4. Silvia those double doors are gorgeous going out to the terrace! The brick floors setting the stage for the chaise is perfect!

    Art by Karena

    Come and enter my Giveaway of a very Special Painting by Mary Maxam!

  5. Good morning, beautiful one!
    It is always a thrill to see that you have posted again. Your visions are clearly like my own and YES, the more we dream, the more those visions become realized in our living spaces. My home has these exact TONES and HUES with a special room set aside for my whim for AQUA...the rest of the house is subdued with peaceful grays and natural woods, crystals and organic feeling of linens and natural things such as fresh fruits, flowers.

    YOUR PLACE IS STUNNING MY FRIEND....sending you a big hug, Anita

  6. Erika ~TiptoeButterfly~July 21, 2011

    my friend just left for Belgium yesterday! - my dream home would be a mix but MORE modern then anything

  7. We have similar tastes, I would say my style is rustic Euro with a tough of glam.

  8. Hola Silvia! te aseguro que yo sería muy feliz en una casa con alguna de estas características, me encanta! beso

  9. I just discovered your lovely blog and I look forward to popping by again for some more inspiration! I've just put the finished touches on my new blog ‘Coastal Style’ It will have lots of inspiration on beach houses, resortwear, summer food, travel and anything ‘beachy’. I had a lot of fun putting it together so maybe you would like to check it out if you have a spare minute.

  10. Greetings,

    by chance I just run across your beautiful blog and house. Really European, great design. I will follow your blog and keep continuing to see what you are up to.


  11. I love those stairs in the first picture. Maybe it's just me imagining things (I do that a lot) but it just seems that they have a real air of mystery about them. And I'd love to have a track leading to my house, like the one in the second to last picture though.

    Doubt it'll ever happen though. A lot of my dream house isn't particularly ambitious in itself, it's just very uncommon for houses to be built that way here. And if you do get a house that goes against the grain, you know that the house valuation is going to reflect that, big time.

  12. Madre mia, Silvia. Si alguna vez me toca la lotería fijo que me compro esta casa. Es un auténtico sueño! Gracias por compartirla. Besos