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Jun 29, 2011

Guest Post from Joanna at Design Shuffle

Hello, loves!!!! Are you having a wonderful week?

Check out this post that comes courtesy of
where you can find top tier interior designs from around the world –
and more.
It's written by the wonderful and talented Joanna.

We're always pining for Paris it seems.
Cafe crème and a plate of macroons can't ever quite
satisfy our craving for French style.
While a trip to Marche de Puce (literally translates to Market of Fleas)
in Paris might be out of our budget,
we can still dream up French-inspired interior design ideas
and be inspired by found objects with that je ne sais quoi of French style.

Here are some of the things we found that made our
Francophile hearts beat a little faster.
We're going to scout our local flea markets to see
 if we can find similar objects to quell our French cravings.

Paris Parfait {via}
Tara Bradford's blog, Paris Parfait, is a tribute to the glorious flea markets
and antique markets of Paris.
Love this collection of found objects, especially the beaded red slippers.

Paris Parfait {via}
Wine bottles suspended from the ceiling at Marché Vernaison,
one of the antiques markets of Paris' famous flea market,
The Marché aux Puces at Saint-Ouen. Also from Paris Parfait.

Hip Paris {via}
A collection of found objects ranging from Euro cool
vintage sunglasses to numeric stencils (we want to put those
to good use on linen pillows).

De Quelle Planete Es-Tu {via}
Any vintage advertising is a favorite of ours; vintage
French advertising is even better.
Also love the small glass bottles and vintage labels.

Paris Apartment {via}
Another great blog about Paris style is Paris Apartment.
 Love the vintage letters (we imagine they are all love letters)
and stereoscope photos.

Paris Apartment {via}
LOVE the faux bois cement garden set.
Now how to get it in our checked luggage.
Adore the stools--
would be thrilled with just one!

Paris Apartment {via}
The decorating ideas are flowing wildly…
A framed fragment of vintage wallpaper would look fantastic
 even if there was not enough to do an entire wall.
Same with vintage tiles—
make a one of kind trivet out of a single large tile.

Antiquaire Online {via}
Old watering cans like these with the long handles
are a favorite of ours.
Great design in such functional item.
Are you pining for Paris now?

Thanks, Joanna!!!
And thank YOU, fabulous followers,
readers, and visitors for reading this post,
and for stopping by.
You truly make my day!

Much love,



  1. Oh Sylvia dearest, my heart IS beating faster, this FRANCOPHILE HEART OF MINE! What is it about the old manuscripts, the worn tin cans, the slippers of old....I don't know what it is, but I love it and you display it beautifully! HUGS MY FRIEND! Anita

  2. AnonymousJune 29, 2011

    me lo compro todo!!! como me gustan estos sitios, madre mia, me dejaría el sueldo allí. un beso grande grande

  3. Beautiful Sylvia. Paris just has that certain something - especially for those of us who have a weak spot for vintage and antique!
    Wishing you a fabulous evening,

  4. These are lovely! The outdoor set looks gorgeous! Enjoy the fabulous weekend, Kellie xx