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Oct 4, 2010

Me like these new treasures

Thank you, Anthropologie for your new kitchen arrivals. So neat. 
However, I'm weak...I may be tempted to purchase one of these 
just because they are pretty (I don't really need them...somebody stop me!) 
I'm addicted to this place. Darn.

Ladies-In-Waiting Dinner Plates: 
 Shapiro Bowls:
 My personal favorite this week: Kebaya mug:
 Jimmies on Frosting Plates:
 Cour D'Honneur Serving Spoons:
 Spots-Of-Tea Set:
 Waxweb Dessert Plates:
 Bronze Age Flatware:
 Smoke Dahlia Napkin:

I'm not even going to look at their new arrivals on clothing. 
No, no, no.
Not today.
Maybe tomorrow.



  1. I am totally in love with those plates..I need them too...hahah

  2. love those items too...such a great place though:)

  3. My dear, dear Silvia,

    I am so sorry to hear of this loss; 23 years ago, I lost my mom then two weeks to the day, my dad.It takes a lot out of a person...part of you dies as well. It is such a delight to see your comment and your beautiful blog again; take good care of yourself, stay connected, and know that you have US, your blogger family.....oh my sweet, God bless you in this time and always..I know the pain...thank you so much for coming by.

    Until next post, Anita

  4. It's a disease isn't it? I was there today swooning and stalking my force and frills jacket...but can't justify paying $188 for it!

  5. Oh those would be so great to use for an afteroon girls tea.. Devine!!! I know I'm not much help in the discouraging department.. HHL

  6. i love those dinner plates! too many good things! :)

  7. i love the ladies in waiting plates!! also the rea pot and the frosting plates are sooo cute and adorable!

    hope you are having a great week dear Silvia!! and thanks for your sweet comment on my outfit post today :blushing: =)

    xo, Persis.

  8. the colours of those plates are gorgeous!

  9. realmente tesoros! no me extraña que te gusten, son chulísimos. un beso

  10. I have been eyeing that dinnerware in the first photo... too cool!

    p.s. I am having an Anthropologie giveaway if it interests you! xo

  11. Hi Silvia,
    Congratulations! Can you e-mail me @ Obeedesigns @ ? I would like to talk to you and get your address.
    Thanks :)
    and again congratulations xoxo

  12. I love those serving spoons and also your blog! Many beautiful things to enjoy.I'll be following now. Fiona

  13. Anthropologie home stuff is INCREDIBLE! We got a large terrarium that is amazzzzing!!! And those plates and cups you got.....LOVE! It's gonna be so much to eat off them!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  14. I soooo hear you my friend...anthropologie's Home section gets me everytime...I can not leave that store without something coming home ...even if it is just a wee treat for my kitchen.

  15. They're all lovely! The ladies in plates are a favorite. Kellie xx

  16. ps: I am hosting a really sweet GIVEAWAY, so please join in:) ...I bet you will love it!!!

    Kisess my dear

  17. I've always dreamed of having an elaborate costume party where everyone has to dress like a member of high court. The ladies-in-waiting can wait on me while I am having my meal! ;)

  18. Adore them! I was actually at anthro earlier today looking at all these!